A major threat to Lake Erie, and the rest of the Great Lakes, is offshore wind energy development. Learn about the dangers from the Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie (CAWTILE), the group of volunteers fighting to protect the waters of life from industrialization. Below are links to various documents, which also provide sources of science and studies. Also are links to videos and other informative media concerning wind turbines and the waters…

Documents from the November 15, 2021 Informational Meeting at Southtowns Walleye Association:

Pollution, Contaminants, Threats Posed by Industrial Wind Turbines, and the Economic Realities of Offshore Wind

Great Lakes Offshore Wind has No Merit – Position Paper – June 2021

Offshore Wind Position Paper – November 15, 2021

Jobs…. The claim is Great Lakes Offshore Wind development would create “1,500” jobs. Although no basis in this claim exists, we can look at the past for some truth. In 2010 the Buffalo Steelworkers had this to say about wind energy in general. Nothing has changed folks. Don’t be fooled:

Steelworkers Union Protests Dansville Wind Farm – Buffalo News

The Study Results no one wants you to know. Below is a link to the 2010 Great Lakes Feasibility Study conducted by NYSERDA for the NYPA’s GLOW Project, which was shot down based on the feasibility study and the costs, coupled with unknown risks. Here is the study they are pretending doesn’t exist! This has been scrubbed from the NYSERDA website, but to bad I downloaded it a few years ago.

NYSERDA Great Lakes Offshore Wind Feasibility Study, 2010

Jim Hanley speaking during the CAWTILE informational meeting –

video by Chautauqua Updates

Rich Davenport presents pollution and contaminants part of the CAWTILE informational meeting on November 15, 2021, along with the realities of capital costs of offshore wind, and output.

A Naval Reserve Lt. Commander (ret.), Jack Joyce recalls the “Chicken Little” fable in which Chicken Little of old fears the sky is falling when he’s hit on the head by an acorn. But poor Chicken Little today is pelted with nuts falling from the sky, nuts shooting out of his TV set, his radio, ‘fact checkers’ obedient to the UN and its media and NGO minions. One of 5 speakers at the Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie event (Nov 15, 2021 -) Joyce provides a background of the UN’s IPCC propaganda campaign against carbon dioxide, blaming the gullible Chicken Littles for climate change that is “mainly caused by his human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.” Poor Chicken Little. How’s he supposed to maintain his sanity? Joyce reads from the introduction of Merchants of Despair: ‘’Anti-humanism has recently enormously expanded its influence by raising hysteria about global warming.

David Adrian, aquatic biologist and owner of AquaTech Environmental, one of 5 speakers at the Nov. 15 2021 eventCitizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie (CAWTILE). Captain Adrian (USCG) outlines potential environmental impacts of the proposed 50 (or more) giant industrial wind turbines being pushed by NY State on Lake Erie.

One of 5 speakers at the Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie, Dr Mark Twichell tells us ‘who are those guys’ responsible for pushing wind turbines down the throats of New Yorkers, using the motif of the classic line in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Twichell cites the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, the NRDC and a host of conflict-of-interest bureaucrats and minor functionaries who’ve to date pushed aside public opposition to the State’s boondoggle.

Wind Turbine Leading Edge Erosion and the Pollution This Delivers